Phillip Vega – The Joy of a First Love

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I was supposed to have two guests that day -- but I found I was so happy that the other guest had to re-schedule due to a delay in her flight. I was sorry she was stuck somewhere, but I was happy that I could talk to Phil for the entire hour. His enthusiasm is contagious! He has found that JOY ON PAPER that I always tell all my listeners about -- that moment when you know that your words will live on and that they take a life of their own.

Phil is an inspiration for everyone. You never know what you can do until you try it. Be ready to seize the opportunity -- or, in Phil's case, grab the iPad and just start writing about Forbidden Rice...

Phillip Vega - Last Exit to Montauk

Phillip Vega's Last Exit to Montauk. He has captured the feelings that one experiences with a first love. A love that stays with you for all the days of your life. One that is there at the edge of your memory.

From the very first page you will be taken with this touching story of young love. Set in Long Island, the story brings back the memory of life in the 1980's. Beautifully written, it is charming. And I always love a book that makes me laugh out loud. A perfect tale of a summer love that will warm your heart.

"It happened right there in the bulk section among the garbanzos and Forbidden Rice...Yep, Forbidden Rice..."

[Since our interview Last Exit to Montauk was the 2020 Manhattan Book Awards Winner for YA/Fiction Romance earlier this year. Congratulations, Phil!]

You will never walk down the aisle of a supermarket again without thinking about this delightful book. A romance that will take you back to your first love.

About the Author

Phillip Vega is the epitome of the person I am talking about when I open my radio program...

Joy on Paper is a radio program for writers and those who dream of writing...

I love talking to famous authors -- I've interviewed 300 NYT bestselling ones -- but I find it is even more exciting to interview someone who is just starting off on the adventure of becoming an author. Not a dream. Someone who has knuckled down -- and got those magic fingers working to produce a book that they have been dreaming about for years.

Phil is amazing. A businessman who one day just sat down and started writing. And it flowed. All the magic that was in HIM came out through his fingers as he started his first book. Even as he was writing it I am sure he knew it was good. Very good. I love to think of that moment when he knew he finally done it.

It wasn't long before he had a publishing contract,. Even as he continued his career as a marketing expert, he was on a new path. One that is his true calling -- his destiny. He writes with such a passion and is so immersed in his story that readers will themselves become lost in his books as they turn the pages.

A Long Islander with Hispanic roots, Phil has crafted a story that offers insights into a summer love that his truly remarkable. He brings Montauk alive -- by the end of the book I felt as if I had spent a summer there! That's great writing.

A PatZi - Pix for Flix

Hey, Hollywood -- looking for a great property? Waiting for Montauk is just what you need. A forbidden romance. Young attractive couple. Great location. If I had the money, I would option it today...

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