Randy Rush

13 Billion to One - A Memoir

It was a real joy to talk to Randall Rush. the author of 13 Billion to One. I like Randy -- he is really someone special!

Sometimes when you hear about someone winning the lottery, you think: Why did that person win? I only know one lottery winner personally, she's someone I see once in a while at a meeting or an event. She won $10K. I wasn't jealous, but I did think it was such a waste.  For just a moment I thought it would have been nice if it had been me. I needed it. She didn't. Her husband is a lawyer, her daughter is a lawyer, and her son is a doctor. She's a real estate broker. The money couldn't have meant that much to her. (But the last time I saw her I did note that she was wearing gorgeous shoes with shiny, red-lacquered soles...so it obviously meant something to Christian Louboutin!)

Oh, well. That's the way it goes. So it was great to read about a kid who was raised on welfare winning $50 million in the Canadian lottery.  After all the ups and downs in his life -- and there were major downs -- it's great to discover a guy who not only wins the lottery, but straightens out his life and dedicates himself to helping others.

But his book, 13 Billion to One, is more than a rags to riches story -- it almost turned out to be a rags-to-riches-to-rags story when he was conned out of five million dollars by a family of serial  con artists. Luckily, his good sense and street smarts paid off. This book is the story of the elaborate scheme that was used to persuade Randy to invest in an up-and-coming start up company by people he thought of as good friends.

It is an amazing true story that reads like a novel. Most people might have just wiped their brow and said that it was a hard lesson learned -- but Randy comes from a tough background. He wasn't about to let these con artists walk away and cheat others in the future. He became a crusader for himself and for others.

Life is funny. It all started because of a cat named Conway Kitty and a trip to the local grocery where Randy bought the winning ticket.

Like many lottery winners, Randy Rush splurged with some of his money, spent months traveling, fed is passion for rare sports cars, and splurged on friends — paying off their debts and even giving them a free place to stay in million-dollar homes. But his world came crashing down when he discovered that Dave Crawford, a man he loved like an older brother,  pulled an elaborate con job on him. Reeling from the betrayal and fueled by the discovery that Dave and his son, Jeremy, were serial con artists, Randy embarked on a mission to take them down. He didn't want them to get away with it and hurt more people.

"...Readers will find 13 Billion to One a delightful read--one that also includes an invaluable cautionary tale about people and money...The story is nicely balanced, well organized, and crisply told, and the author is a sympathetic figure who finally seems to have found his purpose..." -- BlueInk Reviews

You will enjoy this book on so many levels. It's part thriller and part a heartwarming story about a man who has found purpose in his life. Not only did he fight for himself, he established an organization to fight white-collar crime. But most importantly, you will be inspired by Randy Rush. We might not have his money, but we can all have his courage to fight against evil and reach out to help other people.

He dedicated the book to Ingrid Ricks  -- a friend and someone who helped him with this great book.

It is so nice to know that the right person won the lottery.



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A man with a big heart...

One of the joys in life is to put a smile on a child's face. Randy financed a high school in Uganda,
where kids are eager to learn.
He is reward with thousands
of smiles when he visits Africa.

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A true story that reads
like a novel.
I couldn't put it down!

This is one of my Pix for Flix

13 Billion to One reads like a film -- and Randy's life is rich with material: a poor kid, a father who is murdered, a den of con artists who take advantage of his generosity, a family filled with interesting characters -- and he wins $50 million in the lottery! What could be better? Hey, Hollywood, grab this book! 

Peter Riva...

Randy is doing great work in Africa.
Another guest, Peter Riva, writes
books set in Africa. You will love this book
about an African guide, Mbuno, who
is one of my favorite characters.

I am particularly fond of Peter,
whose Grandmother was Marlene Dietrich.

I love giraffes..

I love all the animals of Africa -- particularly giraffes.
Meet George, he stands guard outside my front door.

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