Rick Bava – Boomers Rule

Rick Bava - Boomers Rock

Rick Bava traveled around the country collecting stories and sharing memories with Boomers to create a fascinating book about that captures the culture of the time. In Search of the Baby Boomer Generation is a touch of nostalgia and lots of some common sense discussion about the subjects that are important to the generation that lived through the exciting and turbulent years of the 60's and 70's. With his insights into subjects like caring for the elderly, starting a second careers, facing loss, financing and even dating, Rick Bava proves himself to be a truly imporant advocate and spokesperson for Baby Boomers.

Readers will enjoy the insights of fellow Boomers and it will take them back to the events that marked their lives: from President Kennedy's assassination to the Vietnam War; from the Beatles to the Rolling Stones; and in between the Women's Movement, the burn-the-bra movement, the peace movement, and -- of course- the beginning of environmental movement.

The book is a fun and easy read and one that readers will return to again and again.

Those were the days...

we thought they'd never end...

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