Rosie Walsh – Ghosted

This is an example of an author who is clever and talented.

I love her author photos. So much personality.

I would want to read her books just because she is so interesting. For all you writers out there -- learn! You should have more than one -- you never know which one might  touch the right chord.


She shares with the reader a bit of herself with these great photos. You want to know more about her and her books.

Seven perfect days. Then he disappeared. A love story with a secret at its heart.

With that, we meet Sarah who meed Eddie. They connect. They fall in love. Voila! Life is beautiful -- or is it. Is it mutual? Sarah thinks so -- until Eddie leaves on a long-booked trip and never calls.

Don't you just love it! You don't know if you should hate the guy or worry about him.

Sarah wants to believe. Needs to believe? The reader will want to keep turning the pages!

Rosie has gotten some great blurbs -- and she deserves them:


“I absolutely loved this book and didn’t want it to end.” —Liane Moriarty, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Big Little Lies

“Fast-paced, eerie, and surprisingly profound. . . Walsh pairs a plot worthy of Ruth Ware with a Bridget Jones–esque cast for a mystery that ends with fireworks.” —Martha Stewart Living

“A delight. Moving and relatable, with characters you'll fall in love with. One for your wish list.” Clare Mackintosh, New York Times bestselling author of Let Me Lie

Not bad! This is sure to be a bestseller. I am looking forward to talking to Rosie -- what's her secret?

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