Roslyn Franken – Meant to Be

A True Story of Might, Miracles and Triumph of the Human Spirit

It was meant to be that Roslyn Franken would be a guest on Joy on Paper to talk about her book: Meant to Be, A True Story of A True Story of Might, Miracles and Triumph of the Human Spirit

Why? Because the title comes from a Yiddish word that has always been important to me: bashert -- which is translated: meant to be.

It was a favorite word of my mother-in-law, Mina -- and the minute I heard the title of the book I knew that getting to talk to Roslyn was meant to be....

In fact, I have always thought of that word in relation to Joy on Paper. I had no experience in radio when I started this program. My only claim to fame was that I had read over 10,000 books. (I know that's true because at its height my library consisted of over 6,000 books.) Even I didn't know why I collected so many family had long time ago stopped asking me husband didn't even raise an eyebrow when I spotted a second hand book store -- he knew I couldn't resist.

So when I started Joy on Paper my mother-in-law's favorite word came to mind: bashert.

It was truly an honor to welcome Roslyn to Joy on Paper. She has written an unforgettable true story of her parents, John and Sonja Franken - two unlikely survivors of World War II. It is truly amazing that two Dutch children, born on opposite sides of the world, would suffer horrific tragedies: John was captured by the Japanese and spent WWII as a POW in Japan, while in Europe, Sonja was taken by the Nazis from her home in The Netherlands and sent to a series of concentration camps, including Auschwitz. She escaped death in the gas chambers on three separate occasions, while John escaped the bombing of Nagasaki because a few months earlier he had volunteered to work in the mines. It is a miracle that they survived the hands of their brutal captors and after the war met and found a love that is a testament to the greatness of their personalities. They never gave up, they held on to life. 

Roslyn's powerful story of her amazing parents and about her own determination to overcome the cancer is a compelling read. Meant to Be is inspiring and reminds us of the universal message that life is wonderful and worth fighting for -- not just for ourselves, but for what we can do to help others.

Upcoming Events

Roslyn will be giving a presentation:
  • April 17, 2019 at 1:00pm: The Palms of Largo Regal Palms, 300 Lake Ave NE, Largo, FL 33771
  • April 17, 2019 at 6:30pm: Brooksville First United Methodist Church, 109 S. Broad St., Brooksville, FL 34601

You will be able to buy a book and have it signed -- and get a selfie to share on your social media.

If you belong to an organization or group looking for an inspirational speak, contact Roslyn at this link:


You will be inspired by her spirit as she shares the emotional love story of her parents and of her own battle with cancer.
It is a miracle that Roslyn's parents survived the Holocaust and it is a miracle that Roslyn was born and survived was truly meant to be that one day she would be able to comfort the survivors of the Parkland shooting -- on Holocaust Remembrance Day.
Take a moment and visit Roslyn's website and read more about this amazing woman, who is helping so many people to face life with courage and to appreciate the joy of being alive.



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