Sanya Richards-Ross – Run with Me

Sanya Richards-Ross - Run with Me

For as long as four-time Olympic gold medalist Sanya Richards-Ross can remember, life has been measured in seconds—the fewer, the better.

The Jamaican-American sprinter has been a star track and field athlete since she first began racing, ranking No. 1 in the world and bringing home Olympic and World Championship accolades. A role model for runners around the world, Sanya’s incredible success is matched only by her spirit both on and off the track.

From her early days running in Jamaica to her final race, Sanya shares the importance of determination, courage and faith. She uses the 4 Ps—push, pace, position and poise—a model created by her coach, Clyde Hart, to approach and tackle every obstacle. In her book, Sanya reveals how these strategies have helped her and will help kids learn how to run their best race in life.

Run with Me is Sanya’s story—her wins and her losses—chronicling her unique triumphs and trials with fame, family and faith. Written purposely for the 8-12 audience, this book will inspire kids to pursue their dreams at full speed.

Sanya shares the importance of determination, courage and faith.

She is an inspiration for all of us...

About the Author

Sanya Richards-Ross writes about her journey to win the 2012 Olympic Gold Medal in the Woman's 400-meter sprint. She not only contemplates the many trials and tribulations toward the path to victory but also about her journey with God. Christian themes are heavily included throughout as well as quotes from Bible scriptures. Richards-Ross does touch on many other relationships—with her mother, father, sister, and eventual husband. However, the true focus of the book is on running and Richards-Ross's goal to win.

Sanya Richards-Ross is a Jamaican-American . Off the track, Sanya is an entrepreneur, TV personality, public speaker, and humanitarian. She designs and executes sports clinics across the United States to educate, empower, and teach youth with tools and strategies to excel both on and off the track. Sanya is married to two-time Super Bowl champion Aaron Ross and they live in Austin, TX.


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