The Road to Nowhere Leads Everywhere

Tales From The Lands Of Arlington Green is a collection of often humorous and always exciting historical fantasy adventures.

Stephen B. Allen's The Road To Nowhere Leads Everywhere is the first volume in the series. Set in the Middle Ages, Arlington Green is a land similar to England. As a Teller-of-Tales ,  a young man named Dylan, takes us on a fascinating journey. The only problem is he doesn't know where and doesn't know what the future may bring. Along the way we meet Barons and Earls, a Duke and a Duchess and an assortment of Knights.

It's a dangerous time to be roaming through the countryside, where the law of the land makes a peasant's life difficult. Nevertheless, Dylan pushes forward -- although he blunders through one mishap after another.

Armed only with his intelligence, his good heart, as well as his stubborn nature which refuses to back away from any challenge which comes his way, Dylan learns that it is acceptable to make mistakes, for that is how we acquire wisdom.

You will enjoy this book as Dylan's confidence grows and he becomes a man to be reckoned with -- one who retains his love for life and his desire to find humor in every situation.

About the Author

Stephen B. Allen lives in Tennessee with his lovely wife Brenda, two spoiled dogs, and a million pleasant memories of time spent with their family.

Originally he planned to write short children's books to help kids learn math. The original titled "Tales From The Castle Of Numbers" quickly grew into a historical fiction series about life in The Middle Ages.

It is one of the joys of life when characters take over your mind and you just can't resist writing the stories that they want you to share with the world.



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