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I enjoyed talking to Steven S. Drachman about his wonderful series, The Strange & Astounding Memoirs of Watt O'Hugh the Third.

It's hard to categorize these books -- adventure, fantasy, historical romance. And, I will add, plain old-fashioned fun. Watt is not just a gun slinging cowboy who can roam through time, he is an icon of all our ideas of the West. He bumbles, he stumbles, but he has a heck of a good time. So will you. Not that it is all laughs. An underlying question of what is goodness and how people go off the railings gives the stories depth. All told with wit and humor.

The author is very talented and pulls together so many threads -- mysticism, ghosts, a Utopian society in the making, a slew of bad guys -- that he weaves a series that is original and refreshing. It might be a tall tale in the tradition of the Old West, but one comes to believe that Watt O'Hugh is really a Roamer, someone who can roam through history but cannot change anything -- as opposed to a Time Traveler who has the ability to change history.

Chapter 1 of the first book, The Ghosts of Watt O'Hugh, begins with these memorable lines:

"My diary entry for July 17, 1874 begins: I was caught in a hail of bullets. Muttered, to myself, Oh no --- not again."

After reading that, you can't resist turning the pages! And page after page, you are drawn into a fabulous story that defies description. How he does it, I'm not sure -- but I really felt as if I was in the New York City of the 1800's. It makes me feel nostalgic to think about it. Wasn't I there when Watt O'Hugh brought his Wild West Show to New York City's Hippodrome? I feel like I was there. Did I meet J.P. Morgan, who financed the show? Could it be that by some magic Steven S. Drachman turned me into a Roamer? It's very odd. I wonder what his books will do to you.

"... a fine, literary mashup of cowboy adventure and science fiction magic that makes you wish you could meet its carefully hewn characters in real life."- Harold Goldberg, author, All Your Base are Belong to Us (Random House)

The Strange & Astounding Memoirs of Watt O'Hugh the Third is a series that you will love -- and want to share. The Trilogy collection is a perfect gift . I sent it to my son at university and he got such a kick out of it. Millennials, who grew up on Harry Potter, will feel right at home in the world of Watt O'Hugh.

It would be amazing to see this book picked up by Hollywood and turned into a six-part streaming video. It has everything -- it's a love story, a Western with gunfights, action that takes your breath away, ghosts, and even a zombie or two. Wow!

Bravo to Stephen S. Drachman!  

(Oh, and bravo to Mark Macho, the cover designer -- he is brilliant!)

About the Author

Steven S. Drachman is a writer and critic whose work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Village Voice, The Boston Phoenix, The Chicago Sun-Times, and Entertainment Weekly. He has written on the Middle East for the IsraelPalestinePeace e-zine and in the Kindle single, Enough Already: A Framework for Permanent Peace, which was the the basis for a Ted Talk in 2014.

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