Story Behind the Book – Andrew Scott Cooper’s The Fall of Heaven

With all the events occurring in Iran it is important to have a look back in history — to the days of the downfall of the Shah of Iran. It is vital that we understand the importance of Iran and the changes that are taking place. So I was so happy to talk to Andrew Scott Cooper about his his brilliant book about the last days of the Shah of Iran. It is called The Fall of Heaven: The Pahlavis and the Final Days of Imperial Iran.

The paperback version came out in May and it is a must read book for everyone who wants to understand the news that is coming out of Iran. It is important for people to see the true Iran — the Persia before the events of 1979 — when Iran was a staunch ally, a dynamic society and a welcoming place for all.

With great insight into the country and people, Cooper has written a compelling book. He gives us a full and authentic view of Shah Mohammad Reza — one that few people know. The sections about the Empress, Shahbanou Farah, are fascinating. She comes through on these pages as a woman who loves her people and hopes to see Iran once again take its proper place in the world as a country of tolerance, intellectual freedom and economic success.

I particularly love thand having had the opportunity to meet with the Shah’s wife, the

Andrew Scott Cooper is a fantastic writer — he takes us back in time and tells a story that will keep you enthralled. It is one of those rare non-fiction books that are makes you forget that it isn’t a novel. The pacing is perfect and, although we might know the final outcome, there are lots of surprises and twists along the way.

“The Fall of Heaven is a vivid and penetrating portrait of the last chapters of imperial Iran and the ruler whose attempt to thrust his country into modernity ended with upheaval and exile. This book provides valuable insight into the background of a revolution that is still shaking international politics today.”
―Paul R. Pillar, twenty-eight-year veteran of the CIA and senior fellow at Georgetown University and the Brookings Institution

About the Author

Andrew Scott Cooper is the author of The Oil Kings: How the U.S., Iran and Saudi Arabia Changed the Balance of Power in the Middle East.

He holds a PhD in the history of US-Iran relations and has appeared in many news outlets including The New York Times and The Guardian.

In this interview he talks about how he just decided one day to change directions in his career and stepped out of the corporate world and start fresh. It is inspiring for everyone to know that it can be done.

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