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Life is strange -- no one who knew me before I started the program would have believed that I would one day become a Radio Host. I was the shy one, the only one at a party who didn't join in on the karaoke. Then, one day, I was inspired to do a program to help authors promote their books and just last week I celebrated the 5th Anniversary of Joy on Paper.

So it's really difficult for me to stay away from the Studio where I broadcast Joy on Paper every Tuesday and Thursday. Something about sitting behind the microphone just makes me a different person...when Big Ed in the Control Room starts playing my opening music, I just sit up taller and with a voice that surprises even me, I start: Hi, This is PatZi - with a Z - welcome to Joy on Paper, a program for writers and those who dream of writing. After that I am off and running!

But for now, I can't go in -- and so I have asked some of my favoite guests to help me get through these difficult times by acting a Guest Hosts.  I am thrilled that Tasha Alexander and Andrew Grant agreed to tape a mini-segment about their books and the books that they recommend for you to read while you are staying out of danger. They did a great job -- they are naturals -- and should have a program of their own. 

I'm happy that they are safe and away from people in their log cabin out in the middle of nowhere. It's a great spot to be when you a distancing yourself from people.

Stay safe everyone and listen to this special segment of Joy on Paper. It will inspire you to read and -- hopefully -- start writing that book that is in you. Find YOUR joy on strong and we will get through this.



Tuesday & Thursday

Visit their website...

I love Tasha's website...

Learn more about Drew (he said I could call him Drew!),
but he has two other names....
Andrew Grant
and now
Andrew Child
as he puts on a new hat to join
his brother, Lee Child,
to keep Jack Reacher going for another twenty years!


Vera Lynn inspired one generation...

Vera Lynn just celebrated her 103rd Birthday -- she is an amazing woman. During WWII she inspired a generation of people in a world torn apart by war. Now, today, she can inspire a new generation to be strong. Be calm. Be brave.

Here is a message from me and a song from Vera Lynn....

In the Shadow of Vesuvius

Tasha's most recent book is In the Shadow of Vesuvius. Here is a a photo of  myself actually in the shadow of Vesuvius at a restaurant in Naples getting serenaded by our waiter.

This was taken on one of my three honeymoons. Happily the groom was always the same. It's a long story...but any man that would marry me three times is a real keeper! 

Get Tasha's new Lady Emily mystery and visit Pompeii and walk in the literary shadow of Vesuvius.

My Dad loved England...

My Dad was in the U.S. Army and waited in England for D-Day. He was older than the guys in his platoon and so he would take off by himself to discover as much of England as he could. He never talked about the war or about being awarded a Silver Star, but he did like talking about England.

He was a great guy! In the Army his nickname was "No Danger Al" because he would walk ahead of the boys in the platoon and turn around and call back to them, "No danger."  No one in his platoon ever stepped on a landmine.

He and my mother loved Vera Lynn -- and played her records often. Their favorites were White Cliffs of Dover and We'll Meet Again.

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