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Uneasy Lies the Crown (Book #13)

I enjoy historical mysteries and Tasha Alexander's Lady Emily Mysteries is a series that has all the elements that I look for in a fun cozy read.  If you haven't read Tasha's previous books in the series, I think you will be inspired to go back to the beginning: And Only to Deceive. It is so much fun to watch how an author grows and builds a series. Book 1 begins before Emily meets Colin and the subsequent books takes us through their courtship, marriage, children and lots of adventures. 

In the newest book Lady Emily and her husband, Sir Colin Hargreaves caught up in another mystery -- actually two of them -- as they are called upon to find a serial killer and, perhaps, save the life of the new King of England, Edward II.

It is obvious from her writing that Tasha is a fan of two of my favorite mystery writers: Dorothy L. Sayers and Elizabeth Peters.

On October 30th, 2018 we chatted about Uneasy Lies the Crown, which is an intriguing addition to her series. One of the reasons I enjoyed it so much is that much of the story is set in the Tower of London, where I  spent many wonderful hours when I lived in England. Not only did I go there for inspiration, I became the official tour guide for all my relatives and friends who visited me from America. 

As always, Tasha has done meticulous research which gives her books authenticity and depth. I was particularly impressed with how she brings the important year of 1901 to life when the Victorian Era drew to a close and Kind Edward II ushered in a new century. 

On her deathbed, Queen Victoria asks to speak privately with trusted agent of the Crown, Colin Hargreaves, and slips him a letter with one last command: Une sanz pluis. Sapere aude. “One and no more. Dare to know.”


The year is 1901 and the death of Britain’s longest-reigning monarch has sent the entire British Empire into mourning. But for Lady Emily and her dashing husband, Colin, the grieving is cut short as another death takes center stage. A body has been found in the Tower of London... 

Actually, there are two story lines in this book -- one set in 1901 and the other set in 1451 that traces the history of Colin Hargreave's family. Both are fascinating.

It was so much fun to talk to Tasha about the joy of writing and about the Reading Room at the British Museum. Both of us had the pleasure of doing research in that gorgeous room, which sadly and inexplicably has been closed. So many great writers and historians worked there over the years and it is truly a heartbreaking loss for all book lovers.  



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Uneasy Lies the Crown
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Pekka got to meet Tasha!

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