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One of my favorite interviews with the man behind the "Castle" books -- the ruggedly handsome Tom Straw...

He sounds as ruggedly handsome as he is...

Tom Straw has a ruggedly handsome voice -- and he's really cute, too! This is one of my all time favorite interviews. I could have talked to him for hours and hours!

He's a sweetheart. I can see why the producers of the Castle television series picked him to write Richard Castle's books. There's a touch of romance in Tom -- and a quick sense of humor.

I didn't interview him when the first book he wrote after finishing seven New York Times Bestsellers writing as Richard Castle came out. This book, BUZZ KILLER, came out in 2017. I would have interviewed him then, but his publicist didn't know about Joy on Paper! Oh, well, better late than never -- and in fact, this is a perfect time. Just when you need something great to read -- something to take your mind off of the pandemic, it actually feels good to read about Putin and Russians and all that good stuff.

Please, people, get over the fact that it is not a 'new' release. A good book can last forever -- or at least three years. Buzz Killer, which by the way, one of my listeners thought referred to a chainsaw massacre, is simply a good read from a very talent author.

I like the story and I think that Tom has come out with a good strong contender to knock Nikki Heat, or is it Beckett, off the shelf. Make room for New York City public defender Macie Wild as she goes after a burglar nicknamed the Buzz Killer, because his MO is to 'buzz' apartments in the lobbies of the buildings he intends to rob.

Like all good books in the genre, there are lots of twists and turns. And, because Tom Straw is a romantic and has watched so many Nick and Nora Charles movies, he can't resist throwing in some romantic sparks. Love/hate. What the heck, we get some fun repartee and the start of what could be a fascinating series as Marcie crosses paths with Gunnar Cody, an ex-detective dismissed from the NYPD. He's gone down in the world, once he was an elite police spy, now he is a journalist. With a camera! In spite of her misgivings about his methods, Macie and Gunnar form an uneasy partnership.

Tom is an old Hollywood guy -- and I say that in the nicest way. He looks good with that silvery beard! He knows the television business as a show runner* and I'm sure he has figured out that this could  the start of a beautiful  television series. It would be more fun for him to be the creator -- and fun for us as we would have a new series to watch that would put a smile on our faces. And it will not be too gross. I'm really getting sick and tired that the highlight of a program is how realistic the guts of a victim look. I harken back to the original Perry Mason series. No guts! Oh, I so want a program with no guts. Like, how about trying some of that thing that in the old days we called: DIALOG. Smart dialog.

Tom Straw is a talent. He is more than Richard Castle. He's smart and funny and handsome. And he's real. So read this book. And for a little while forget about the world around you.

* I'm going to invite him back to talk about the fun of being a show runner...he must know lots of interesting gossip!

About the Author

TOM STRAW published his first mystery novel, The Trigger Episode, in 2007. That book led to him being asked to write the books that Richard Castle was supposed to write, but he couldn't because he was just a character in a hit television series.

So in steps Tom. What's he gonna do? Well, Tom is so talented that he got into the head of Castle -- and the show's creator, the brilliant and talented Andrew W. Marlowe -- and wrote seven New York Times bestselling blockbusters.  He brought Nikki Heat to life. 

He is also an Emmy- and Writer's Guild of America-nominated TV writer and producer having written and produced Night CourtParker Lewis Can't LoseDave's WorldGrace Under FireCosbyWhoopi, and Nurse Jackie.

A former board member of the Mystery Writers of America, New York Chapter, he lives in Connecticut, where his home is his castle. And he remains the ruggedly handsome king! (Now that he is not on the board, does it mean they can vote for him and then "crown" him as the next Mystery Writer of America Grand Master? I hope so!)

NOTE: If you watch Castle, Tom is in Season 2, Episode  5 - he is in a scene with Nathan Fillion. I tried to get him on Joy on Paper, but unfortunately Castle's agent never replied to my requests.



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We also talked about Lawrence Block, Mystery Writer of America Grand Master, and his latest anthology, The Darkling Halls of Ivy. There are eighteen wonderful stories in the book -- and Tom's is one of the best. It's called Noise Cancellation. Remember, anthologies make perfect gifts! 

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