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Wow! It was so much fun to talk to Tracey Hecht about her fabulous series of books for young readers -- The Nocturnals. There are both chapter books and picture books -- and absolutely adorable illustrations -- for kids to enjoy. Parents, become the voice your child will remember all of their lives -- read this series to your kids.

Tracey selected nocturnal animals because, as she says, "They are so fantastic and wacky and weird." 

I love these books! They say there is a kid in all of us -- and these books do it for me. I have found myself picking them up at 5 a.m. in the morning when I start my day and just reading them aloud to myself. Oh, and to Pekka, my Yooper Bear, who loves when I read to him.

Tracey is such a sweetie and has put so much of her own sweetness and joy into these charming stories.  I love her laugh! She has a great sense of humor, especially in her vocabulary choices. Some of my favorites are: hullaballo, ballyhoo, pomelo and many more...

So, I will say it again: I love these books!

And you and and all the kids in your life will enjoy The Nocturnals. If you don't know any kids, buy them and read them to yourself for a few weeks and then give them to a day-care center or library. They will appreciate it -- and you will have these delightful stories about Bismark, the pint-sized sugar glider; Dawn, a seriously cute fox; and, of course, Tobin, a sweet pangolin in your mind forever.

"The books celebrate the very meaningful idea of friendship and what it means to forge positive relationships."—Amy Poehler's Smart Girls                                                

Kuddos to Tracey and to the amazing illustrators, Kate Liebman and Josie Yee. Also, special thanks to Fabled Film Press for developing a Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Program. There are incredible curriculum guides, games and more for both teachers and families. I love the connect the dots sheets, craft projects, fun facts and pronunciation guides. My own favorite is the Kindness Game.

If you love kids...they'll love this webpage...

Visit the Nocturnals World online to download printable activities including crafts projects, word games, STEM projects, Bingo, language arts and science educator guides, and more!

Get inspired! - 



About the Author / About the Illustrators

Tracey has developed her own focus group for her books - four kids! And a dog...

Tracey Hecht is a multi-talented creative genius -- she writes books, she creates films. In partnership with the New York Public Library, she created a Read Aloud Writing Program that she has conducted—both in person and virtually—in over 100 schools, libraries, and bookstores across the country.

Her books are critically acclaimed -- The American Booksellers Association chose the first book in the The Nocturnals: The Mysterious Abductions as a Kids’ Indie Next List pick.Her Grow & Read early reader book, The Chestnut Challenge, was given a Mom’s Choice Gold Award.

Kate Liebman

Kate is an artist who lives and works in New York City. She graduated from Yale University, contributes to the Brooklyn Rail, and has shown her work at multiple galleries. She grew up in Santa Monica, California.


Josie Yee

Josie  is an award winning illustrator specializing in children's books. She lives in New York City with her daughter, Ana, and their cat, Dude.




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Pekka, the Super-Duper
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Pekka gives The Nocturnals two paws up!

Get this book...

This is my favorite..

Read more about pangolins...

Look at this cutie! Never heard of a pangolin? Well, after you read these books you will appreciate them. (Sadly, they are the world's most trafficked mammal?) These adorable mammals are endangered. Read more about them -- perhaps YOU could help save them!


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