Vincent L. Scarsella – Anonymous Man

Vince L. Scarsella - The Anonymous Man

Well, Vince is no longer anonymous to me! He is the first writer that I have 'discovered' from my Facebook page. 

I don't understand the mysterious ways that one gets connected on FB -- I am always surprised by the number of posts I receive and the messages.

Anyway, there was Vince and I liked the title of one of his books: Lawyers Gone Bad.

I was happy to invite Vince to talk about that book and his Amazon bestselling crime/mystery novels, "The Anonymous Man," and its sequel, "Still Anonymous."


I like is enthusiasm for writing. He is an inspiration to everyone who wants to write -- just do it and have fun doing it. That's what Vince does.... t

So now I am happy that my word for 2018 is FACEBOOK...I can find new and interesting authors to interview. 

Meanwhile, please to my FB page and LIKE me -- because I like you. And share this interview with your friends.

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