Will Geddes – Parent Alert! How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Protect your children...

...from cybercrime, sexting, cyberbullying, phishing, cyberstalking, grooming, nude selfies, and other internet dangers. You can't shield your kids from the risks if you don't know what they are.

It was so much fun to talk to Will. Wow! Will Geddes is the real deal! When he says you should read his book, you should read his book. Period. End of discussion. Pay attention, people. You need to read this book.  Did you know that according to recent numbers, kids are spending over six hours a day on screens! That's nuts.

When I was a kid the only screen we had was the one on the door -- the one that made that marvelous sound when it slammed closed behind us as we ran out of the house.  We would be in and out of that screen door a dozen times -- to get our Kool Aid or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or -- yes, with a Mom who stayed at home -- freshly baked cookies. Boy-oh-boy, that was the only screen we needed.

There should be a law against kids spending so much time on these things, but there are certainly laws that you should all know about.

Will Geddes talked about everything we need to know about cyberbullying (like the big kid down the block wasn't enough!), sexting (my gosh, I never knew about French kissing until I was a senior in high school!) and sharing real names and family information with strangers. Looking back on my life as a kid in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, I realize how lucky I was -- I spent the summers running through the forest or in a hammock under the birch trees -- I read a new book every few days. We never even locked our doors...we lived in Detroit from the time I was seven and went 'home' -- back up north -- the day that school let out. Usually June 5th. We would get to our Up North House and unlock the door. We had a skeleton key. We hung it up in the mud room and never took it down again until we were ready to head back to Detroit the week before Labor Day. No wonder I feel the joy of life -- I had a joy of a childhood as a true Yooper.

Parent Alert! includes ​cybersecurity ​advice ​from ​one ​of ​the world’s ​leading ​security specialists, ​Will ​Geddes. He is one cool dude. He is one of the world’s leading specialists in counterterrorism, kidnapping, direct action groups, personal security, and close protection services. You wouldn't want to mess with him. He is a regular commentator and analyst for CNN, NBC, BBC, ITN, Newsweek, the Economist, the Times newspaper, the Daily Telegraph, and the International Herald Tribune.

Just heard from Will that he is going to write a book. I'm sure it will be great because 1) he's British; 2) he sounds very poshy and 3) he starts his sentences with "Whilst..." Isn't that brilliant?  Of course, he also happens to have had some really exciting experiences to draw upon for an exciting thriller.

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Will Geddes discusses in his book

  • Real-life scenarios
  • Practical advice
  • Action plans in non-techspeak
  • How to practice cybersecurity on social media accounts
  • How to establish a healthy relationship with the internet
  • How to avoid potential risks while reaping the many benefits...

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