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The smashing debut of an exciting new author

It was such a pleasure to talk to William Grubman (pronounced: Grooob-man) about his debut novel, The Storm Over Paris. It is the first in a trilogy about a fascinating family, the Rothsteins, who were trapped in Nazi-Occupied Paris. 

A Jewish family with deep ties in the world of art and the life of Paris, they missed their opportunity to flee the German invasion of Paris on June 14th, 1942. Mori Rothstein, the head of an internationally-famous family of art sellers and experts is forced to do the bidding of the head of the Gestapo, Hermann Goering, who seeks him out to select art for the Third Reich. Although it put his life and that of his family in danger, Mori concocts a desperate and dangerous plan to thwart Goering's plans to steal some of the greatest artworks in the world. 

The Storm Over Paris is a gripping thriller with a cast of characters that are unforgettable.  The artworks themselves become characters in this exciting drama. Will they survive? With his vast knowledge of art history and restoration, the author weaves an intriguing story of the year 1942, when all eyes were on Paris.

Yet for all the tension and terror that the author captures, there are also touching scenes of a loving family and the occasional moments of humor that are a reminder that life goes on even in the darkest of times.

It is important to the author that we see Paris in all its glory -- in the blue skies that make Paris a magical city. In the flowers and in the eyes of lovers as they walk hand in hand.

His Paris is not a grainy black-and-white film. He has captured the colors of Paris, the brightness of Paris -- it is what sets this book apart and what makes the evil of the Occupation all the more horrifying.

What people are saying...

Compelling. Poignant. Suspenseful. Just a few of the words that describe The Storm Over Paris ...William Grubman sweeps the reader into Nazi-occupied Paris during WWII... A remarkable debut novel. 5 Stars!


Compares it to Daniel Silva...

“Grubman’s Mori is as vividly drawn as Daniel Silva’s art restorer, former Israeli intelligence operative Gabriel Allon. If you love Daniel Silva’s books, you’ll love The Storm Over Paris.”  — LOUELLA NELSON, AMAZON BEST-SELLING AUTHOR

A few of the many enthusiastic reviews...

“Using an economy of words and displaying a command of images, Grubman rises to the challenge of such a fast-paced novel, infusing the story with an aroma of suspense and fear...”  - BLUEINK REVIEW


“A Jewish family’s courageous defiance of the Nazis in German-occupied Paris sets the stage for a tale of intrigue and danger in Grubman’s debut novel... A dark, gripping historical thriller.” - KIRKUS REVIEWS

About the Author

William Ian Grubman is a successful business man, artist, art collector, and philanthropist. He has drawn upon his avid interest in art history and his many years as a docent for the Armand Hammer collection, lecturing on 18th and 19th century master paintings and drawings, to create a compelling novel that is a real page-turner.



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Award Winner

The Storm Over Paris
won the 2019 Indie Reader
Discovery Award in
was a finalist for the 2019
National Indie Excellence Award.


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The Audiobook is brilliant...

The Audiobook is narrated by: Nicholas Guy Smith

An award winning narrator who has done voice overs for Warner Bros, Disney, Universal and many others, Nick is my favorite narrator.

I could listen to Nick talk all day long -- wait -- in fact I have listened to him from dawn to dusk! 

He is British and -- as one says in England -- his narration is brilliant. Educated at Cambridge, he brings an intelligence to his reading that takes his narration up a notch. One can feel the passion for a story in his voice.  It is mesmerizing to listen to him as he narrates The Storm Over Paris. 

Nick was the perfect choice for bringing this fascinating story of the Rothstein family to life.  Bravo, Nick!

Lights, Camera, Action!

When I was writing scripts in Hollywood,* I would dream of being asked to adapt a book like The Storm Over Paris. Such vivid writing is rare -- and very cinematic.  Hollywood is already 'buzzing' around this book. Costume designers and set designers are dreaming about how to create William Grubman's vision of Paris of 1942. Dozens of actresses are lounging around the pool at the Beverly Hills Hotel holding the book and imagining which role they will play. 

I hope William will invites me to the launch party -- it's going to be fun!

* Three of my spec scripts were optioned, which was rare for a woman back in those days. Thankfully they appeared in full-page ads in the Hollywood Reporter while by father was alive. He had so much fun handing out photocopies of that page. Unfortunately, as happens with even famous writers, my 'films' went into turnaround. They are still spinning out there...

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