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Ithyanna: Last Daughter of Atlantis by Don Edward Cook

Book #1

How the World Ended Millennia Ago

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I enjoyed talking to Don Edward Cook about the first in a series that plunges readers into an a fascinating world. Ithyanna: Last Daughter of Atlantis is the first in a series about How the World Ended Millennia Ago.

When Noah warned about an upcoming cataclysmic disaster no one paid attention. For brilliant Antlantean scientist, Ithyanna, the stakes are just as terrifying. She’s telepathic and knows that it is up to her to save mankind from impending destruction. But can she convince people to pay attention? .I particularly enjoyed the telepathic abilities of Ithyanna — very cleverly conceived — and the unique names of people and places created by Don Cook. He has drawn upon his deep knowledge of Greek, Roman, Babylonian, and Pheonician history to create a fascinating world.

 Don Cook keeps the action brisk and tension high. His world-building talents are on display in the complex and detailed story that moves seamlessly  between various timelines and a wide-ranging list of characters. His characters, particularly Ithyanna and her adopted sister, Bee, are beautifully written

There is an underlying message about creation that is told with passion and talent. 

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