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Andrew & Wilson – Tier One Thrillers

Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson So excited! Will be talking to two of my favorite authors on June 28th — Jeffrey Wilson  &  Brian Andrews about their Tier One Thrillers. Jeff will be coming into the studio and Brian will be on the phone. Everyone who listens to Joy on Paper know that I am a big military fiction fan and Andrews & Wilson …

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E.C. Frey – Entangled Moon

A corporate thriller… Looking forward to talking to E.C. Frey about her new thriller, Entangled Mood. It is a corporate suspense thriller — so it make E.C. a bit of a unicorn in a field dominated by men. In this book – Liz — gives us a real thrill with five strong female characters. It only takes one moment to …

For my friends in Hollywood: Aren't you tired of doing re-makes of old stuff? It's time to look for new ideas, new characters and great new writers. These are books that I think will make great films. 

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BonSue Brandvik – Redemption

Janna King – The Seasonaires

These are great books to give as gifts...


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Alan Bean – The Man I Knew

Astronaut and Artist It was with great sadness that I read about the passing of Alan Bean, the fourth man to walk on the moon. It brought back some fond memories of the time I spent with him. I had been hired to write a script based on Apollo 7 Astronaut Walt Cunningham’s book, The All American Boys and was doing …

Hello Phoenix! Love KFNX 1100


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Rita Moreau – Get Cozy

Rita Moreau, one of Joy on Paper’s special correspondents, met New York Time’s best selling author, Tim Dorsey, at a book signing to celebrate the release of his latest madcap adventure. The Pope of Palm Beach: A Novel features the indomitable Serge A. Storms. Rita loves mysteries. Not only does she love to write them, like in her delightful book, Feisty Nuns, …

Here’s the Buzz on Granny’s Got a Gun

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Peter Brown – Wild Robot Escapes

Andrew Scott Cooper – The Shah of Iran

Rick Bava – Boomers Rule