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Tueday, September 14th, 2023

Very Special Guest

Tuesday, September 26th, 2023

Carol J Perry - Celebrating the release of two books!

“Our Legal Eagle”
Once a month Bill comes to the studio to answer your Intellectual Property & Trademark questions. 

Enjoy this interview about the most anticipated book of 2023. 
It’s a mystery. It’s history. 
It’s a tour de force.


On Joy on Paper we do so much for authors...

Michael Kiel is known for his wit and humor–which makes this book about the challenges he’s faced so readable and enjoyable. A must read book…

Sponsored by Rita Moreau, author, in memory of her husband George whose love made everything possible.


Winner -- 2022 PatZi Award

Michael Kiel

Michael Kiel’s CHALLENGE THE MOMENT was selected as the winner of the 2nd Annual PatZi Award.

Listeners were impressed with Michael’s courage and good humor when he was a gust on Joy on Paper. Once they read the book, they felt humbled by a man  who has never lost the joy of living.

This comment by a reviewer says it all: 

That is the inspiration of this story. He maintained love in his heart and left anger and retribution behind in the dust I recognize the influence of his parents in shaping his world view.” – Paul Looney


This is an amazing Audible book. The narrator, Austin Kase, has the perfect voice for a book that is both heart-wrenching and laugh out loud funny. It is just perfect. 

Books You Don't Want to Miss...

Peter Riva & his Grandmother, Marlene Dietrich
Click to Buy
Click to Buy this great book--the Audible version is amzing!

It was an honor to speak to Peter Riva about the many hats he wears–literary agent, bestselling author, and grandson of Marlene Dietrich.

Here is Part 1 of our interview where we discuss one of his ‘hats’ — that of being a literary agent:

A wee but of fun!

Loved talking to Jack Kavanagh about Ireland. Twas a grand day!

Brilliant Legal Thriller

1st in what will become a big hit with readers!

A "Golden Thread"

A favorite guest ! Ed Hajim is so delightful--and we have so much in common.

Video Promo for Pre-Release

Enjoy this trailer for Douglas Brunt’s new book… pre-order now.

NYT bestselling author, Douglas Brunt was the Special Guest for
Joy on Paper’s
8th Anniversary March 16 2023

Celebrating Books for Kids with Davon Miller

Davon Miller reviews books for children. 

Favorite Narrator

One of Joy on Paper’s Favorite Guests

Narrator o of
A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles

The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro


Audible Pick of the Month - April

Nobel Prize Winning Author


Steve Berry

Set in Bavaria. We agree that King Ludwig one of the most interesting characters in history. A great international thriller

Philippa Gregory

Author of The Other Boleyn Girl, talks about her new novel: DOWNLANDS... A continuation of her epic story.

Robert Crais

No one makes LA as fascinating at Robert Crais. It's always fun to listen to him talk about Elvis Cole & Joe Pike.

Featured Book Trailers

Hey, Hollywood, looking for great material? Need a new project? Look at these books...

As the host of Joy on Paper, I read hundreds of books a year. Having been in the film business I get excited when I come across a book that has potential.  Here are a few books that I “see” as films in my head and worthy projects…

Looking turn a book into a great film?

Entertain us. Inspire us. Make us laugh or cry, but for goodness sakes — make something original! No more Wuthering Heights, please!

Tim McGee

Worthy McGuire

Worthy McGuire - a heart-warming story of a family. WWII vet, Worthy intends to keep a promise he made on D-Day--and no one will stop him.

Click Here

Jill D. Block

Parallel Lines

In 1981 Jenna celebrates her 18th birthday - and so her story begins  with one of the best first sentences ever! A  Romantic Comedy set in NYC,.

Click Here

Douglas Brunt

Ghosts of Manhattan

Nick Farmer is an iconic figure for of a Wall Street trader in 2008. When the world started to collapse he had to decide what side of good he was...

Click Here

Jerome Preisler

Civil War Commando

Dashing young hero, Will Cushing's daring exploits on land & sea saved a divided nation. An inspiring hero. Inspiration for Luke Skywalker.

Click Here

Carlton Eastlake

Monkey Business

An over eager TV writer meets an enigmatic enchantress on location in Florida.  Darkly amusing with Hollywood production backdrop.

Click Here
click to buy

Delia Ephron

Delia Ephron, a bestselling NYT author is a also a  screenwriter. Her films include You’ve Got Mail and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. In Siracusa she is a rather dark look at marriage set in the unusual city in Sicily.

click to buy

Indra Nooyi

My Life in Full is written and perfectly narrated by Indra Nooyi, the former CEO of PepsiCo.  Not many business memoirs make you laugh and cry. A touching story of the first woman of color to head a major US corporation.

books you should not miss!

Beautifully narrated books that 
will enrich your life!

click to buy

Jonathan Santlofer

The Last Mona Lisa by Jonathan Santlofer is a dual time–Paris of today and the Paris of 1900s when the Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre Museum. A tense thriller by the  award-winning crime writer.

click to buy

Robert Dilenschneider

Robert Dilenschneider has helped thousands of people develop their careers. In Decisions he shares what he has discovered behind the success of 23 remarkable people whose choices in life changed the world.  

Who am I? PatZi (with a Z!) - Producer, Screenwriter, Inventor, and Columnist

My projects…

Jimmy gave me my name...

Wrote a script for Debbie Reynolds


A docu-series to honor heroes...

Operation Rolling Thunder during the Vietnam War was a costly mistake. My story reveals the courage of the pilots and their groundcrews. They were heroes They were let down….

DEBORAH GOODRICH ROYCE chats about starring in All My Children and her crime story: REEF ROAD…

PAUL ROSOLIE wrestling anacondas while protecting endangered species in THE GIRL AND THE TIGER…

Jerome Preisler - NET FORCE: Moving Target

Thanks for the Memories!

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8th Annivsary News

I am honored that a listener, Andrea Hiotis, is such a fan of Joy on Paper that she journals the program. She is a talented artist and has created a delightful journal celebrating my guests. Have a look, it’s great!


2021 PatZi Award1

Tasha Alexander & Andrew Grant

Co-Hosted Joy on Paper to announce the winners of The 2021 PatZi Awards
on the 7th Anniversary of Joy on Paper
March 17, 2022

Winners of the 2022 PatZi Prize

The PatZi Prize comes with a cash award. The winners of the “Rising Star Prize” authors are those who have just started on the path we call JOY ON PAPER.  Sponsored in 2022 by author Rita Moreau in honor of her husband, George. 

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SciFi Moments

Listen to PatZi’s interview on Susan Bender’s popular podcast for BabyBoomers. 


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