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Lawrence Block – Dead Girl Blues and more

Oh, wow! It is always a JOY for me to talk to Mystery Writer of America Grand Master, Lawrence Block. (Now that Martha Grimes was a guest, it means that I have had the joy of interviewing ten MWA Grand Masters — I would love to make Walter Mosley #11.) Lawrence Block joined me to talk about his upcoming release of …

Tom Angleberger – The Sewer Rat Stink

Bernice Lerner


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Guest Host – Peter Riva

It’s an honor that on March 24, 2020, Peter joined Joy on Paper as a Guest Host to bring a special message to all my listeners. To me Joy on Paper is a magic tapestry with golden threads that connect me to so many authors and their books. One of these threads is that my Dad fell in love with Peter’s …

Guest Hosts-Tasha Alexander & Andrew Grant

5th Anniversary with Tasha & Andrew


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Find hours of joy with these award winning authors…

CAROL J. PERRY Witch City Mysteries Most folks associate the city of Salem with witches, but for Lee Barrett, it’s home. After being away for several years, she returns. Jobless. Her Aunt Ibby welcomes her back with open arms, but finding a job as a television reporter is not as easy. The only job offer is to replace the ‘psychic’ …

PatZi’s Pix for Flix

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Hello, Hollywood! PatZi’s Pix for Flix…

Hey, all my old friends — hopefully, some of you remember me, but it’s been years since three of my spec scripts were optioned and appeared in a full-page ad in the Hollywood Reporter. Sadly, they went into turnaround — along with a script-for-hire based on a famous person’s book. A few weeks before the start of production the said VIP …

Gift Books

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Joe Yogerst – 100 Parks 5000 Ideas

WHERE TO GO, WHEN TO GO, WHAT TO SEE, WHAT TO DO Joe Yogerst has come out with a book that everyone can enjoy. I love this guy! He’s brilliant. Not only did he find a career that he loves — but he started planning for it from the time he was a little boy reading those lovely yellow National Geographic magazines. …


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Story Behind the Book – Andrew Scott Cooper’s The Fall of Heaven

With all the events occurring in Iran it is important to have a look back in history — to the days of the downfall of the Shah of Iran. It is vital that we understand the importance of Iran and the changes that are taking place. So I was so happy to talk to Andrew Scott Cooper about his his brilliant book about …

BookBuzzes with Rita Moreau

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Rita Moreau – Guest Host

It was so great that Rita Moreau stepped in as a Guest Host during this Crazy Quarantine of 2020…. Thank you, Rita Moreau! For stepping in on short notice to be a very special Guest Host. You now join the ranks of bestselling authors, including Tasha Alexander, Andrew Grant and Peter Riva, who have generously given their time to hosting …

Rita Moreau – Get Cozy

Here’s the Buzz on Granny’s Got a Gun


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PatZi & Pekka Loved Bouchercon2018

Pekka (The Baraga Bear) and I had so much fun at Bouchercon2018 – we are already planning to go to Bouchercon2019 which will be held in Dallas. Pekka fell in love  with Tasha Alexander — she’s so beautiful! And I love her Lady Emily Mystery series. Tasha’s Lady Emily Mysteries series is so much fun.  Visit her website: www.tashaalexander.com    …

Linda Tincu Peno – Quiet Refuge

Mark LaPorta – Probability Shadow