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SPECIAL GUESTS - Tuesday, July 9, 202

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Mary Glickman

Mary Glickman is the author of By the River of Babylon


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Kim Dower

Interview: 05/28/2024


FLARES UP: A Great Adventure

Niamh McAnnaly

A compelling tale of the sea as two men row across the Atlantic Ocean. Told by a writer who knows advanture herself.

Everyone has a book in them....

Joan Meyerson

After reading her debut book: WHO NEEDS PARIS? I am sure that she has many more. Good writing and exciting life gives her lots of great material. LISTEN NOW

She was scammed, She fought back.

Donna Marie Hayes

A compelling memoir from a multi-talented woman who is not a victim. She fought back and was vindicated. LISTEN NOW

Award winning author on a sad page of history...

Mary Glickman

In An Undisturbed Peace, the author writes the startling story of a Cherokee princess and the two men who joined her on the Trail of Tears.. LISTEN NOW

When a story changes your life...

Barbara Hinske

Inspired by guide dogs, she wrote a book and shares the profits. Now she has a Hallmark film. LISTEN NOW

From La Bamba to the universe......

Lou Diamonds Phillips

One of America’s most popular stars comes a an compelling Sci-Fi epic. Interviewed by Bria Burton, our SciFi


A daughter and father writing team...

Jillian Hughes and her father, Kenny Curtis, join forces to bring Greek myths to life in this intriguing tale of goddesses and gods. LISTEN NOW

Save your precious VHS videos...


A lawyer who has been at the forefront...

James Brosnahan

Half a century of law is brought to life in Justice at Trial. A fascinating history of some of the biggest cases as told by a brilliant lawyer

Under the beautiful sky of Southern Oregon

Baron Birtcher

Oregon is not what it used to be as small-town Sheriff Ty Dawson has to deal with big city problems. From the award-winning author of Fistful of Rain, comes a great new series. LISTEN NOW

Mystery Writer of America who loves blue eyes...

Lawrence Block is one of PatZi’s favorite guests. She loved making this video to promote his books. Watch the video and then VISIT HIS WEBSITE.

Douglas Brunt's tour de force will enthrall you...

A writer sometimes stumbles on a story and runs with it. In this case it was one little word that unraveled a mystery that has boggled historians for over 120 years!

Douglas Brunt

Rekindle your wonder with our Special SciFi Correspondent - Bria Burton

HONORING OUR VETERANS with a Book2Film recommendation....


Helping authors find new readers....

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Davon Miller-Our Special Correspondent

Celebrating Books for Kids with Davon Miller

Joy on Paper Awards Authors

2022 PatZi Award winner Michael Kiel
Challenge the Moment.

One moment, one bullet.
How one man faced the challenges of a tragedy and became an inspiration.

Click to buy this heartwarming–and–yes, funny & Inspirational book.

PatZi's Favorite Narrator

Nicholas Guy Smith,
reads a poem from John Keats

Narrator – Nobel Prize Wiinner Kazuo Ishigu’s
The Remains of the Day 

When we love a book--like an elephant--we never forget. That's why you should listen to the fabulous Audible edition of A Tribal Rumbl

Peter Riva & his Grandmother, Marlene Dietrich

It was an honor to speak to Peter Riva about the many hats he wears–literary agent, bestselling author, and grandson of Marlene Dietrich.

Here is Part 1 of our interview where we discuss one of his ‘hats’ — that of being a literary agent.

Click to Buy this Audible version

Peter Riva is the author of the Mbuno & Pero Thriller series set in Africa.

A Few Kind Words

Tasha Alexander & Andrew Grant have new releases!

Brilliant Legal Thriller

1st in what will become a big hit with readers!

A "Golden Thread"

A favorite guest ! Ed Hajim is so delightful--and we have so much in common.

Bill Larson - "Our Legal Eagle"

Every month Bill Larson explains intellectual property...

Jim Lamb - Journalist

Shares insights into the literary elements of writing....

BookBuzz Promos

Free audio promos for books that you should not miss....

Hey, Hollywood, looking for great material? Need a new project? Look at these books...

As the host of Joy on Paper, I read hundreds of books a year. Having been in the film business I get excited when I come across a book that has potential.  Here are a few books that I “see” as films in my head and worthy projects…

Looking turn a book into a great film?

Entertain us. Inspire us. Make us laugh or cry, but for goodness sakes — make something original! No more Wuthering Heights, please!

Tim McGee

Worthy McGuire

Worthy McGuire - a heart-warming story of a family. WWII vet, Worthy intends to keep a promise he made on D-Day--and no one will stop him.

Click Here

Jill D. Block

Parallel Lines

In 1981 Jenna celebrates her 18th birthday - and so her story begins  with one of the best first sentences ever! A  Romantic Comedy set in NYC,.

Click Here

Douglas Brunt

Ghosts of Manhattan

Nick Farmer is an iconic figure for of a Wall Street trader in 2008. When the world started to collapse he had to decide what side of good he was...

Click Here

Jerome Preisler

Civil War Commando

Dashing young hero, Will Cushing's daring exploits on land & sea saved a divided nation. An inspiring hero. Inspiration for Luke Skywalker.

Click Here

Carlton Eastlake

Monkey Business

An over eager TV writer meets an enigmatic enchantress on location in Florida.  Darkly amusing with Hollywood production backdrop.

Click Here

Who am I? PatZi (with a Z!) - Producer, Screenwriter, Inventor, and Columnist

Jimmy gave me my name...

Wrote a script for Debbie...

Wrote docu-series to honor heroes...

Operation Rolling Thunder during the Vietnam War was a costly mistake. My story reveals the courage of the pilots and their groundcrews. They were heroes They were let down….

Click to see Video
click to buy

Delia Ephron

Delia Ephron, a bestselling NYT author is a also a  screenwriter. Her films include You’ve Got Mail and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. In Siracusa she is a rather dark look at marriage set in the unusual city in Sicily.

click to buy

Indra Nooyi

My Life in Full is written and perfectly narrated by Indra Nooyi, the former CEO of PepsiCo.  Not many business memoirs make you laugh and cry. A touching story of the first woman of color to head a major US corporation.

books you should not miss!

Beautifully narrated books that 
will enrich your life!

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Jonathan Santlofer

The Last Mona Lisa by Jonathan Santlofer is a dual time–Paris of today and the Paris of 1900s when the Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre Museum. A tense thriller by the  award-winning crime writer.

click to buy

Robert Dilenschneider

Robert Dilenschneider has helped thousands of people develop their careers. In Decisions he shares what he has discovered behind the success of 23 remarkable people whose choices in life changed the world.  

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