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Robert A. Kaster – The Appian Way

[Culture Trails: Adventures in Travel] I just celebrated the 4th Anniversary of Joy on Paper and one of the things that I have discovered is that there are so many ‘magical threads’ that weave through the tapestry of my program. One thread leads to another… A month ago I flew north to visit my son who is completing his Ph.D. …

Brook Allen – Antonius: Son of Rome


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Four Years of Joy…

When I was planning my 4th Anniversary program, I knew who I wanted to be my guests: Tasha Alexander & Andrew Grant. I had interviewed them separately in the past — but I wanted them to come on the program together.  They intrigued me. I saw them at the Bouchercon 2018 World Mystery Convention held in October — practically in …

Alan Bean – The Man I Knew

Hello Phoenix! Love KFNX 1100

Featured Interviews

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Roslyn Franken – Meant to Be

It was meant to be that Roslyn Franken would be a guest on Joy on Paper to talk about her book: Meant to Be, A True Story of A True Story of Might, Miracles and Triumph of the Human Spirit Why? Because the title comes from a Yiddish word that has always been important to me: bashert — which is translated: …

PatZi’s Pix for Flix

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Hello, Hollywood! PatZi’s Pix for Flix…

Hey, all my old friends — hopefully, some of you remember me, but it’s been years since three of my spec scripts were optioned and appeared in a full-page ad in the Hollywood Reporter. Sadly, they went into turnaround — along with a script-for-hire based on a famous person’s book. A few weeks before the start of production the said VIP …

Carol J. Perry – Sleuth Fest

Phillip Vega – A First Love Story

Nat Geo Gift Books

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Joe Yogerst – 100 Parks 5000 Ideas

WHERE TO GO, WHEN TO GO, WHAT TO SEE, WHAT TO DO Joe Yogerst has come out with a book that everyone can enjoy. I love this guy! He’s brilliant. Not only did he find a career that he loves — but he started planning for it from the time he was a little boy reading those lovely yellow National Geographic magazines. …

More than a Radio Program

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More Than a Radio Program

Writers love to write — but authors need to sell. When you discover the joy of writing, you are a writer. When you decide to sell your work, you become an author. It is not an easy transition. Writing — although a solitary endeavor — is fun. Being an author can also be fun, but it is also a harrowing …


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Story Behind the Book – Andrew Scott Cooper’s The Fall of Heaven

With all the events occurring in Iran it is important to have a look back in history — to the days of the downfall of the Shah of Iran. It is vital that we understand the importance of Iran and the changes that are taking place. So I was so happy to talk to Andrew Scott Cooper about his his brilliant book about …