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I Don't Want to Turn 3 by Gramps Jeffrey

Listen to Davon’s interview with Gramps Jeffrey on June 14, 2022.

Davon Miller takes over as Guest Host

His 1st guest was Spencena

Davon discovers how much fun it is to be behind the mcrophone at TanTalk Radio Networks studeio

Special Joy on Paper with Davon Miller

Visit Gramps' Website

He has a great website with lots of valuable information for parents & grandparents. 

A few months ago, Davon Miller did a BookBuzz promo for Gramp’s book. So it was lots of fun that the two got together for a really wonderful interview. Enjoy!

I Don’t Want to Turn 3

During the pandemicky years, Gramps Jeffrey was inspired by his six grandchildren to write the first of what I predict will be a series of books for kids — and their “baby boomer” grandparents.  

He is the author of the acclaimed business book “The Secrets of Retailing…How to Beat Walmart” and a contributor to The Huffington Post of over 100 articles on how to help the nonprofit world. 


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