Hi! I am me, PatZi with a Z…

I am me, PatZi with a Z coming to you from glorious Clearwater, Florida.

This is a view from the window by my desk. 

I want to thank my listeners for all their concern during Hurricane Irma. The HIM hurricane year of 2017: Harvey, Irma and Maria caused a lot of problems, but luckily here in glorious Clearwater, Florida we didn't suffer too much damage. Other than losing our electricity for 7 days, 11 hours and 22 minutes, we were actually very fortunate. There was no flooding and all the branches that fell down were ones that should have been trimmed a long time ago.

I had a week off to do what I do best -- read! At the Tan Talk Radio Network studio our phone lines were 'iffy' and so instead of trying to have interviews on the phone or ask local writers to drive to the studio on roads filled with broken branches, I asked Big Ed to air a few re-runs. Big Ed stayed at the studio all night when the hurricane hit. He was so worried that our big tower might come tumbling down!

With temperature reaching almost a 100 every day and no air conditioning, I really couldn't concentrate on new books. Instead I found myself going back to some of my favorites. The Bagthorpe Saga and The Dopplegangster were two top favorites. I also re-read some Dorothy Sayers and Helen MacInnes. I know the books so well that I can just turn to any page and I am back into the story.

One thing I really enjoyed was listening to Audible books. Amor Towles' A Gentleman in Moscow is a top favorite -- I have a crush on the narrator, Nicholas Guy Smith. I love his voice and have gone to sleep with him many nights -- I mean with his voice in my ear. 

It has taken me months to get re-organized after the storm. The problem is that I moved so many books out of the living room and as I put them back I had to stop to read some of them. But that's me! I love to read and I hope you will listen in to Joy on Paper and be inspired to do the same. 

One of my favorites...

This delightful book introduced me to the delightful Bagthorpe Family and the idea of adding strings to your bow...

This is not just a book for kids -- it is a book for anyone who needs a good laugh. 

How many strings do you have? Life is filled with so many possibilities -- it is never too late to add a string to your bow.


One of my favorites...

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