The Radio Program

Joy on Paper

is a syndicated radio program for writers and those who dream of writing and for everyone who wants to know the story behind the book.

The program premiered on 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

on TanTalk Radio Network in

Clearwater, Florida


Our Joy on Paper Team

Created by "America's Book Lover"

From PatZi — the Creator and Host of Joy on Paper.

The idea for my unique radio program came to me  at 4 am one morning. 

Like Beatrix Potter, I have been reading since I was three-years old. Although I had no radio experience, one morning at 4am I had a kind of vision — I would create a radio program about books.  I had read over 10,000 books — my collection at one point was 6,342 books! It was, as we say: beshert. It was meant to be.  I would help authors promote their books. By the end of the day I created Joy on Paper.

Everything was so clear to me. I’ve heard of people taking weeks, months, and more to come out with a concept for a program. For me it was almost magical. I had never designed a webpage, but by noon of that day I not only created a website on a free trial platform, but I had found the music I wanted to use, and even created a schedule . (I later discover they were called bumper music and broadcast clock, respectively.).

Seven years later I am thrilled that I have interviewed over 250 New York Times Bestselling authors, eleven Mystery Writer of America Grand Masters, and even the US Poet Laureate. And, of course, my biggest thrill is to discover so many new and Indie authors.  Now — with a talented team of contributors — I look forward to helping more authors promote their books and to bring to readers the story behind the books they love..

Rita Moreau, Correspondent

Rita is the author of two cozy mystery series: Mary Catherine Mahoney & The Ghost and Camper Kooky Series. She has recorded 60 BookBuzz 2-minute promos for authors.

davon Miller, Correspondent

Davon is a multi-talented young man who is the author of the Mr. Tickety-Toc series of books for children. He has been with Joy on Paper for over a year and has recorded 16 BookBuzz promos for children's books.

Bria Burton, Correspondent

Bria joined Joy on Paper this year and is recording BookBuzzes for Sci-Fi and Fantasy. A talented author whose stories are featured in many anthologies, including Authors Re-imagined.

Jim Lamb, Advisor & contributor

A multi-talented author, poet, and editor with over 30-years experience working on major newspapers, Jim Lamb records tips on elements of writing -- called "Lit Gems" -- to help authors understand the backbones of writing and encourage them to expand their understanding of language.

bill Larson - Our "Legal Eagle"

Every month Bill Larson of Larson & Larson answers listeners questions about contracts, intellectual property rights, and the the impact of social media in today's publishing world.

Bill is a Member of AIPLA.

Natalie thomas, Advisor

Known as the "Connoisseur of Cozy Mysteries" Natalie enjoys previewing the recent releases in the cozy mystery genre.

Remember, one of the joys of life is to see your words on paper --
or to hear them spoken in an audible book --
then one day you may hear those magic words: lights, camera, action!
And your book will be turned into a major motion picture,
a streaming video, of even a series on the Hallmark Channel!
You never know, and you will never know, unless you start writing.

PatZi (with a Z!)