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Intimate Strangers by Fredric Brandfon

What an absolute JOY to talk to Fredric Brandfon about Intimate Strangers: The History of Jews and Catholics in the City of Rome.

This book is written with great enthusiasm by a very talented writer. He captures two thousand plus years of interaction between the Jews and Romans in this outstanding book. He makes history come alive with his brilliant research and his insights into the hearts and minds of both sides. Rarely does a non-fiction book feel so compelling.

I found myself enthralled with his narrative that reveals so much of the history of the Jews that even I didn’t know–and I’ve spent many years looking into this subject.

It is a wonderful resource for everyone. Fredric Brandfon’s enthusiasm for his subject and his excellent writing makes this book a great read. .

As a writer I can say that there are at least twenty ‘novels’ in this book. Read it and get inspired.

I have invited Fredric Brandfon to come back to Joy on Paper to discuss how he did his research and about some of his own experiences in the Eternal City.

A book that you will want in your library. Click here.

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