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PatZi (with a Z!)

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Assassin's Lullaby by Mark Rubinstein

In every life, there lurks catastrophe…for a former Mossad agent, it is expected — especially since he has a contract killer.

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It was so much fun to talk to Mark Rubinstein about his new book, Assassin’s Lullaby, that I have invited him to come back to Joy on Paper soon. We will  chat more about this book and his insights into the writing process. 

This thriller is just what you need to get your mind off the news. 

Part of the JOY of reading this book is the reveal — and the excitement of finding new twists and turns as Eli Dagan has to use all the skills he learned as an assassin for the Mossad if he wants to make it to his 40th birthday. Sucked into doing a job for the Russian Mafia, he has to make some decisions –is it time to overcome is tragic past and start a new life? Mark Rubinstein’s joy of writing makes for a great read.

When Dr. Mark Rubinstein returns to Joy on Paper we will discuss the psychology o f conflict — he’s an expert on the subject. I’m looking forward to it. 

Great Reviews for Assassin's Lullaby

All of these Joy on Paper guests love Assassin’s Lullaby…

"I've been a fan of Mark Rubinstein for years, but with Assassin's Lullaby, Mark joins the ranks of Daniel Silva and John le Carré. It's a riveting story, relentlessly paced, yet still creates the blood and bones and psyche of its titular assassin. It's thrilling with every turn of the page yet maintains an authentic and unique voice to this weary killer. Don't miss it!"

James Rollins

#1 New York Times bestselling author of The Last Odyssey

"Assassin's Lullaby is the kind of thriller that will have you breathlessly flipping each page. Rubinstein's lean prose perfectly captures the stark, brutally honest life of a paid killing machine, even as the quiet moments let you, the reader, and Eli, the assassin, wonder if he shouldn't want for something more."

Lisa Gardner

New York Times bestselling author of the D. D. Warrenseries

"Jam-packed with crosses, double-crosses, murders fair and foul, Assassin's Lullaby is anything but sleep inducing. An edge-of-your-seat thriller stretching from Israel to Russia to Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, it is a novel both grand in scale and incredibly intimate."

Reed Farrel Coleman

New York Times bestselling author of Sleepless City

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